When Alondra and Rolando told me that they will have a wedding banquet in Royal Oaks, I was like.. wow, that's great! I have heard this city for so many times but just never had a chance to visit. 


A month later, we decided to go to a state park in Felton for this engagement session. Although we were a little late to the park on that day (because of the daylight saving time), the pi...

Excited to see my super fun Hindu/ Sikh Indian wedding to be featured on The Big Fat Indian Wedding blog today! Here is the link: TheBigFatIndianWedding


This venue is amazing. On that morning, I was like.. O.M.G! What a beautiful scene. This place MUST be a dream venue for every single woman. It's located up in the mountains, quiet and classy. Who doesn't want to live here? Who doesn't want to say "I do" to your loved one?






























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